Western Scale Models

Welcome! Please enjoy your visit & come back soon!

New web site:

Welcome to the new Western Scale Models website! This site is still under construction, but we are making kits and will update as we can!

Update on Production:

As you might remember, Bill Gustafson (previous owner and Narrow Gauge Hall of Fame inductee) had quite a few kits in HO, S, O and 1:20.3 scales!

We have been very busy trying to get the kits back into production. It is taking us longer than expected to get things running. There are many new manufacturing processes and techniques that we are steamlining so we can effeciently introduce the old (and new) kits to you in the future.

We thank you very much for your patience as we work on this process!

We are very excited to start offering these kits as soon as possible!


Check back often for updates...

Now Available:

These kits are now in production and are available online. Click on an image to go to www.wildwestmodels.com to order!

Looking for our books?

Bill Gustafson is still producing the full line of Western Scale Models books over at his new site, Western Publications. You will find all of his Mining, Machine and Saw Mill books and related items there.

Wild West Scale Model Builders is the new owner of Western Scale Models

Double Circular Saw Available in: 1:20.3 scale (L3-F)

4 Block Log Carriage Available in: 1:20.3 scale (L4-F)

Cut-Off Saw

Available in: 1:20.3 scale (L5-F)

Log Deck Turner

Available in: 1:20.3 scale (L8-F)

Overhead Log Turner

Available in: 1:20.3 scale (L9-F)

Hostlers Ogden, Utah -

March 6,7,8 -  Looking forward to being back at the show!

Sn3 Symposium Bellevue, WA

April 16–18 - Hopefully we will be able to bring our new detail parts in S scale.

35th National Narrow Gauge Convention

Houston, TX - reserve early!

September 2nd–5th